Custom Packages

CUSTOMWe understand that every company is unique with their own personalized challenges, risks and needs, which is why we offer our years of experience and knowledge to assist you in creating a package tailored made for you.

We offer customized packages for pre-employment screenings and integrity management programs that will assist in creating a culture of integrity in your business environment. Best of all? Not only can these packages be constructed from a wide variety of tools and tests at our disposal to suit your particular needs, but they can be tailored to suit your personal budget.

We spend fortunes building fences, mounting cameras, training guard dogs and installing alarms and yet we fail to adequately scrutinize and attend to the very people whom we trust to maintain these systems essential to our well being. Lest we forget, all security systems are on some level or another based on human trust, so is it not our responsibility to create and maintain a culture of integrity that will foster this very trust and encourage responsibility and respect?

It is almost impossible to put an accurate figure on how much a company will save by implementing prudent and responsible security measures, in the same way that we can’t predict the overall savings of proper insurance on our belongings and health. What we do know is that the effects of criminal and unethical behaviour on a business can be devastating to your bottom line, your reputation and the morale of your employees. In some cases it can even be fatal.

So trust the brand that is trusted by all the big brands to assist you in creating and maintaining integrity and security at your business.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a consultant to come and visit you please contact the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre: