Mission Statement

The mission of this company is to conduct polygraph examinations with integrity and in a professional manner in order to:

  • Promote honesty and integrity in the workplace
  • Curb losses
  • Increase efficiency
  • Prevent discrimination and unjust accusation

We strive to provide a professional service of the highest quality to our clients. This service is tailored to the specific needs of the client. We regard clients’ referrals and recommendations as the best form of publicity and consequently put a high premium on client satisfaction.

Code of Ethics

We regard our adherence to a strict code of ethics as central to the service we render and we accept responsibility for conduct and behaviour designed to serve the cause of truth and justice. We respect the dignity of all persons and strive to be fair, just and impartial at all times. We at PISA conduct our business in terms of the following principles:

  • To maintain the highest standards of moral, ethical and professional conduct and to be governed by laws of equity and justice in the performance of all functions.
  • To respect the inherent dignity of all mankind; to deal justly, fairly and impartially with each individual, irrespective of social, political, racial, ethic or religious considerations, economic status, or physical characteristics.
  • To conduct our professional duties and obligations with independence, dignity, and self-respect; to keep all decisions and reports scrupulously free from any personal, financial, political, fraternal, social or other influences.
  • To refrain from false or misleading advertising; to accept no remuneration for services rendered unless such be fair and responsible.
  • To only accept as members in the Polygraph Institute of South Africa, those persons who are believed to be fully qualified; who subscribe to the moral and ethical Standards and Principles of Practice of the Institute, and who will strive in every way to be a credit to the polygraph profession.
  • To support to the best of their ability the professional goals of the Polygraph Institute of South Africa: to support scientific research in the polygraph field; through word and deed to elevate the status of the polygraph profession.