Lie Detector Test

The Polygraph Institute is here for all of your lie detection needs in South Africa and provides lie detector tests for a wide variety of our client’s issues. Don’t be intimidated by wanting to know the truth. We provide polygraph service for all of South Africa.

Your privacy will not be compromised and is our up most concern. We are a licensed corporation by the Republic of South Africa and fully insured so you can be assured of our integrity and professionalism.
Lie Detector Tests That We Offer:

  • Pre-employment
  • Contract disputes
  • Employee or family theft
  • Drug abuse
  • Sex abuse
  • Infidelity/cheating
  • Criminal
  • Fraud
  • Drug abuse
  • And many more

We are experts in our field and use proven polygraph testing techniques to help determine the credibility of a person’s statements. The polygraph is an extremely effective tool for truth verification by recording physiological changes within the human body. A polygraph test involves three phases: the pre-test phase, the data collection phase, and the data analysis phase.

During the pre-test phase, paperwork will be completed and the examinee will be familiarized with the testing procedure and the polygraph instrument. All questions will be gone over with the examinee prior to being attached to the polygraph testing instrument.

During the data collection phase, the polygraph examiner will administer the polygraph test and collect at least three polygraph charts recording the physiological changes occurring within the examinee’s body. Finally, during the data analysis phase, the polygraph examiner will carefully review and score each chart in order to render an opinion as to the truthfulness of the examinee’s answers.