Cognitive and Potential Assessment

The COPAS is a cognitive measuring instrument developed to:

• Measure cognitive related elements/competencies that are practical and simple to administer.
• Have wide application; covering the entire range of the literate population.
• Have no, or very low cultural loading.
• Have a minimum reliance on language, only in instructions, but none during the “doing” of the test itself.

The purpose the COPAS serve falls into three areas, i.e.:

• To measure the testee’s present cognitive/mental ability.
• To measure the testee’s Training and Development Potential.
• To measure the testee’s Cognitive Capacity.

The COPAS is an exceptionally reliable instrument, with a very low cultural loading and which is highly valid in serving the purposes it was originally developed for TmCOPAS.

These examinations can be ordered and implemented on an individual basis or as part of a customized package tailored to suit the needs of your business in either a pre-employment capacity, as part of employee advancement or an integrity management program.

For more information please contact the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre: