The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

Qualified and Accredited

It is no accident that I used the word polygraph professional instead of polygraph examiners in the headline. Polygraph examinations are becoming increasingly popular as an effective tool in investigations and as part of a robust pre-employment screening system. Unfortunately, due to the great success, there is great demand, and where there is great demand, there is cheap imitation products. As Charles L. Yeschke put it in his paper he wrote in 1965; Ethics and the Polygraph Examiner: “Every profession, including law and medicine, has historically gone through a transition period of development similar to that which the detection of deception […]

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Southern African Polygraph Federation

Advanced Training 2017

It was that time of the year again where the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre attended the annual advanced training courses presented by the Southern African Polygraph Federation. This year it was held in Centurion with guest speaker Gil Witte and as always it was an extremely informative event which placed a lot of focus on the latest and greatest techniques and research. A lot of focus was given to the implementation and use of the Directed Lie Screening Test and the very popular UTAH Comparison Question Technique. Boasting solid accuracy ratings and supported by credible scientific research, these techniques are […]

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Lafayette Polygraph Instrumentation

Polygraph Research and Development

It is the intention of this summary to provide decision – makers in business such as HR and Security managers with information as to the criterion validity/ accuracy of polygraph examinations in such a manner as to be easily understood. (This summary is taken from the Executive Summary as provided by the American Polygraph Association. A copy of the full report is available from its offices). This knowledge together with the selection of a reputable polygraphist, is essential to the successful use of the polygraph by private industry. Having said this I would urge the reader to take careful note […]

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