Background Verification

VerificationThe PISA Integrity Assessment Centre provides the following personal information verifications:

  • Criminal Check
  • Identity number Verification
  • Citizenship
  • Fraud Listing
  • Driver's License Verification and Endorsements
  • Public Drivers Permit (PDP)
  • Qualification Checks - Matric
  • Qualification Checks - Tertiary (National)
  • International Qualifications
  • African Qualification
  • Experian Credit Check
  • ITC Credit Check
  • Company Credit Check
  • Reference Checks (Date, Position, Reason resignation)
  • Reference Checks (detailed - 5 - 8 competencies)
  • Directorship Register
  • Passport Match
  • Permanent Residence Permit
  • Work Permit Verification

These verification checks can be done on an individual basis or can be selected to form part of a custom Pre-Employment screening package.

A proper background verification is the most basic and least complex means of vetting an applicant to ensure that they were honest on various facets of their application. These verifications can provide vital information needed by companies before they commit to hiring an employee.   

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