The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre Team Members

Charles Allen Kemp elected as President of the Southern African Polygraph Federation

On 27 October 2018 the Southern African Polygraph Federation Annual General Meeting was hosted at the J’Cups guesthouse situated in Centurion. It was another successful event and a great opportunity to socialise, network, and most importantly to learn. This year included three incredible guest speakers, specialists in their field who took the time to impart some of their specialist knowledge to polygraph examiners. Hannes Bezuidenhout, Riaan Bellingham and Estelle Naude talked about relevant modern day topics including ‘Admissions and Confessions in the Polygraph Environment,’ ‘Legal Implications of the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) in the Polygraph Environment’ as well […]

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World Archery Championships

Chris and Joanette Karsten at the International Field Archery Association World Championships 2018

It is with great pride and joy that we get to congratulate Chris and Joanette Karsten on a stunning performance at the International Field Archery Association World Championships 2018 held in South Africa. The two polygraph examiners of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre once again showed that there simply is no compromise when it comes to dedication to achieve accuracy. The IFAA world field archery championship 2018 took place at the Elgro River lodge in Potchefstroom during 5 – 13 October 2018. There were 391 archers from 26 different countries, competing in different classes and shooting styles. The competitions started […]

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Lie Detectors and Superheros

Real Life Superheroes

Reed Exhibitions Africa and ReedPOP; the world’s largest producer of pop culture events, in partnership with VS Gaming; South Africa’s largest independent gaming brand and the leading platform for online gaming in Africa, has successfully hosted the first Comic Con Africa event at the Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit and International Convention Centre situated close to Midrand. It was a spectacular 3 day event showcasing comic books and science fiction and fantasy related films, television and similar popular arts featuring a great range of pop culture and entertainment elements across virtually all genres. With fun features such as animation, toys, gadgets, […]

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Crime Stats SA 2018

South Africa Crime Statistic 2018

The crime statistics for South Africa 2018 has been released, and unfortunately it seems that the crime situation is not looking better. The statistics refers to all the reported crimes between 1 April 2017 and March 2018. During this period a total of 2, 09 million crimes were recorded in 2018, which in total is lower that the 2,12 million that was recorded in 2017. This represents a drop in the number of reported crimes in the 17 public categories of 4,4%. The stats cover 21 crime categories, 17 of which are reported by the public, and four of which are […]

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Quality Polygraph Services

Professional Polygraph Testing

It is that time of the year again when the holly jolly of Christmas tunes and the smell of marshmallow riddled hot-chocolate collide to spark an irresistible holiday spirit. Despite the vigorous attempts of that last-minute filing clawing for your attention, its efforts are all but futile as its pleas are drowned away by the humming of ‘Tis the season . . . ‘ One thing shines and flickers brighter than even the biggest of the premature decorations filling the halls of shopping malls and the metaphorical social media chat rooms alike, and that is the constant blaring of “Holiday Specials!” and […]

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The Southern African Polygraph Federation

Uncompromising Ethics and Standards

The Southern African Polygraph Federation Annual General Meeting took place at J’Cups guesthouse in Centurion on 28 October 2017, and once again it was a successful event paving the future for the polygraph industry in South Africa. We would like to give a big congratulation to Charles Allen Kemp, polygraph examiner and CEO of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre for being elected as the Director for Ethics and Standards on the SAPFED board of directors. This part of our ongoing endeavour to improve the quality and standards of polygraph examinations in South Africa and the rest of Africa, one day […]

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Converus EyeDetect

Converus EyeDetect in the News

As a proud South African partner and a distributor of the Converus EyeDetect system, we are very interested to see how the media is responding to what is being called the future of integrity assessment screenings. So far, and admittedly somewhat unsurprisingly, the response has been incredibly positive. Magdalena Petrova; reporter at CNBC decided to visit the offices of Converus EyeDetect to see for herself what all the fuss is about:   Researchers say they’ve created an automated test that can tell if you’re lying by tracking your eyes from CNBC. The Converus EyeDetect system is available nationwide in South […]

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PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre Video

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre is proud to present the company video in partnership with Business Essentials. As one of the oldest polygraph service providers we remain at the forefront of the industry, continuously striving to improve and grow so that we can offer our customers an all-encompassing solution to suite their unique needs. To ensure that we can be the one-stop solution we consist of multiple experts working together to provide a professional service at lower prices. We specialise in polygraph examinations, psychometric assessments, background checking and much, much more, all offered in customizable packages for your needs. Big […]

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The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

Qualified and Accredited

It is no accident that I used the word polygraph professional instead of polygraph examiners in the headline. Polygraph examinations are becoming increasingly popular as an effective tool in investigations and as part of a robust pre-employment screening system. Unfortunately, due to the great success, there is great demand, and where there is great demand, there is cheap imitation products. As Charles L. Yeschke put it in his paper he wrote in 1965; Ethics and the Polygraph Examiner: “Every profession, including law and medicine, has historically gone through a transition period of development similar to that which the detection of deception […]

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The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre Converus EyeDetect System

Converus EyeDetect System

It is with great pleasure and pride that we have launched a new service to our clients with the implementation of the Converus EyeDetect system to be used for large scale pre-employment testing and coninuous screenings. “The polygraph is ideal for crime-specific incidents. But because of cost, invasiveness, training and upkeep, it can’t be used on a large scale. With EyeDetect, those costs can be reduced significantly. It’s non-invasive, quick, and results are immediate. It helps companies hire and keep honest people.” –Former program manager at the U.S. Dept. of State The Converus EyeDetect system is the latest scientific advancement […]

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Southern African Polygraph Federation

Advanced Training 2017

It was that time of the year again where the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre attended the annual advanced training courses presented by the Southern African Polygraph Federation. This year it was held in Centurion with guest speaker Gil Witte and as always it was an extremely informative event which placed a lot of focus on the latest and greatest techniques and research. A lot of focus was given to the implementation and use of the Directed Lie Screening Test and the very popular UTAH Comparison Question Technique. Boasting solid accuracy ratings and supported by credible scientific research, these techniques are […]

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Voice Stress Analysis

Voice Stress Testing

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre and all of its affiliates do not make use of nor endorse the use of any Voice Stress Analysis of any kind, and for good reason. The vast majority of independent studies have yielded that “it is almost as accurate as flipping a coin.” It is for this reason that professional polygraph associations do not associate themselves with these practices. This includes the Southern African Polygraph Federation and the American Polygraph Association. In this scathing interview Charles Humble confirms the incredible lack of scientific evidence. Unfortunately, despite making incredible promises and showcasing a variety of […]

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