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The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre

Established in 1986 to bring professional polygraph examination services to the public, the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre has grown from strength to strength. Combining various professional specialty fields such as psychometric assessments, background vetting, polygraph examinations, Converus Eyedetect lie detection technology and more, to offer clients tailor made solutions to fit their needs and their budget.

We understand that our work is of great importance to every single examinee that walks into our office, to our clients, and to the public in general. This is why we use qualified and accredited professionals registered with their respective professional bodies. Our reputation is par excellence, because we spent a lifetime building it.

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa

The Polygraph Institute of South Africa has been dedicated to polygraph examination and lie detection technology for over 30 years, offering professional detection of deception services to clients across Africa. We specialize in using advanced lie detection technology and techniques to help our clients find the truth when they need it most. The services include specific incident examinations tailored for assisting in investigations and specific incidences that occurred, pre-employment examinations designed to assist employers to screen potential employees, continuous screening examinations to assist in maintaining safety and security at the workplace as well as statement verification examinations designed to test the veracity of a given statement.

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Converus EyeDetect - Lie Detection Technology

The future of lie detection technology has arrived in South Africa. The Converus EyeDetect is an incredible Detection of Deception instrument that is easy to implement, more cost effective than traditional polygraph examinations and less invasive. Despite all of this, it still boasts an incredible accuracy rating of 86%. Due to the fact that it is a less expensive and and easy to implement, the EyeDetect system is the perfect tool for large scale integrity assessment or pre-employment screenings. As the South African Converus EyeDetect partner, we are proud to present the future of quick and easy lie detection solutions.

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The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre

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The PISA Pre-Employment Screening Centre is a proud member of the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre. By combining various professional tools with trained experts, the company offers comprehensive screening solutions to empower companies with knowledge they need to select the best employees from potential applicants. From pre-employment polygraph testing, applicant psychometric evaluations, criminal record and background vetting and more. With pre-designed packages we take the hassle out of selecting the perfect pre-employment screening program. We do understand that each company is unique which is why our packages can be custom designed or edited to suit your needs and your budget.

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How Can We Help You?

Do not hesitate to contact the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre and let our years of experience work for you. Whether you would like to make a booking, ask for a consultation or would like more information on how our multitude of products and service can benefit your business, we are ready and eager to assist in any way we can.

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For more information specifically related to polygraph examinations, please visit The Polygraph Institute of South Africa.

For more information specifically related to pre-employment screenings, please visit the Pre-Employment Screening Centre.

For more information specifically related to our psychometric assessments, please visit the PISA Psychometric Assessment Centre.