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Polygraph examinations can play a very useful role in investigating a wide variety of specific incidences. As an investigative tool it is capable in providing information to the company, persons or investigators regarding the incident that in certain cases is simply not possible through any other means.

Most agencies have found that the polygraph can be used most effectively to limit the number of suspects. The results can normally indicate which person/s was involved in the investigated matter, and in some instances admissions of guilt are obtained during or after a polygraph examination. However it must be stressed that the polygraph does not replace an investigation.

The polygraph is a valuable aid in investigations, and can add valuable information to any investigation. The polygraph helps to focus the investigation, and for this reason saving time, money and manpower. This procedure helps to establish the bona fides of honest persons implicated in a case quickly and efficiently.

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Polygraph Examinations as Part of a Bundle of Evidence

Polygraph examinations are not usually presented as the only evidence in a case, however it can be submitted as part of a bundle of evidence in support of the case. It is up to the judge or commissioner whether they wish to use the polygraph examination as part of the bundle of evidence and they will look at a multitude of different factors before making their decision. These factors will likely include the qualifications and experience of the examiner, whether the examiner is a member of a professional organization, whether the examiner followed the correct protocols and procedures, whether the examiner followed an examination technique that is internationally recognized and whether they acted ethically and fairly throughout these examinations.

When introduced with procedural fairness polygraph examinations can be of great assistance in collecting information during the examination and in the aftermath. This is why it is imperative to use an examiner that has the qualifications and experience to not only conducted a test of the highest quality, but also to present the evidence where applicable.

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre has crafted it skills and knowledge through years of experience and are ready and willing to offer our services to your investigation.

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