Integrity Profile 200 (IP200)

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre Integrity Profile 200 (IP200) Psychometric Evaluations

Comprehensive international research over many years was conducted on the IP-200 to determine and scientifically describe the concept of integrity, and to develop the instrument to measure it in terms of acknowledged psychometric procedures. TheIP-200 is registered with the Health Professions Council of SA.

The IP-200 measures individual integrity (assessing critical factors comprising individual integrity), as well as Corporate Integrity as an organizational survey (the entire organisation, departments/divisions or specific work groups).

The instrument (IP-200) is based on a questionnaire – paper and pencil test. The instrument consists of 200 test-items. It consists of eight substructures, each comprising of five sub-fields. These structures measures criteria such as honesty in practice, discretion, loyalty, self-reliance, courage of conviction, etc. Two further substructures are included within the instrument: The Monitoring field, and the Transformation field.

The monitoring field measures the person’s honesty while completing the instrument, as well as the consistency of answers. The transformation field consists of eight sub-fields. To a large extent it reflects the candidate’s perception of the entire concept of transformation; and more specific, management’s commitment to transformation. In essence it is the managerial element that is the subject of assessment, and not the individual respondent, as in the other sub-structures.

The entire instrument was constructed to measure the individual respondent’s integrity level.

These examinations can be ordered and implemented on an individual basis or as part of a customized package tailored to suit the needs of your business in either a pre-employment capacity, as part of employee advancement or an integrity management program.

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