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The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre Continuous Polygraph Screening Examinations

Unlike the specific incident polygraph examinations the continuous screening examinations are designed to monitor for potential criminal and unethical activities that could be detrimental to a company. It is an essential tool for high risk positions held within companies and is usually related to security or financial positions. The examinations are designed based on -  and implemented to cater for the specific individual circumstances in which the employees operate to not only monitor for occurring criminal or illegal activities, but also to act as a deterrent for such activities.

We recognize however that deterrence and monitoring are only two cogs in the great operation of any company and instead we strive to use the integrity assessment tools at our disposal to create and foster a culture of integrity in your business. This redirects the focus from fear inducing negative reinforcement methods to more uplifting and inspiring positive reinforcement methods.

“A very little key will open a very heavy door.” ― Charles Dickens

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Monitor Potential Threats

Conventional security systems are well known and far too common. With certainty we can say that they are a necessity, but it is our absolute and unquestioning trust in the common security systems that leaves us more vulnerable than a gaping hole in our wall.

We spend fortunes building fences, mounting cameras, training guard dogs and installing alarms and yet we fail to adequately scrutinize and attend to the very people whom we trust to maintain these systems essential to our wellbeing. Lest we forget, all security systems are on some level or another based on human trust, so is it not our responsibility to create and maintain a culture of integrity that will foster this very trust and encourage responsibility and respect? This is the foundation for the continuous screening examinations and integrity management program.

The PISA integrity management and continuous screening program is a powerful combination of positive and negative reinforcement, empowering and enabling the company to be vigilant against activities that places themselves, their employees, their property and their clients at risk. It also empowers employees to take responsibility for themselves and for their role in creating and maintaining a culture of honesty and integrity that they can be proud of and gives them the recognition they deserve and the inspiration and motivation to be even better for their positive actions.

By creating this drive and by creating and fostering this culture of ethics and integrity you are protecting your business and shaping its very core to promote honesty and loyalty rather than to simply keep a lookout for when festering criminal activities finally reveals itself in its usual devastating way.

This management program has been implemented with great success at multiple leading orginizations and business and is an invaluable tool in the positive growth and success in your company, especially when used appropriately in conjunction with the standard security protocols of the company.

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