Converus EyeDetect in the News

As a proud South African partner and a distributor of the Converus EyeDetect system, we are very interested to see how the media is responding to what is being called the future of integrity assessment screenings. So far, and admittedly somewhat unsurprisingly, the response has been incredibly positive.

Magdalena Petrova; reporter at CNBC decided to visit the offices of Converus EyeDetect to see for herself what all the fuss is about:


Researchers say they've created an automated test that can tell if you're lying by tracking your eyes from CNBC.

The Converus EyeDetect system is available nationwide in South Africa and can be applied in comprehensive pre-employment screenings faster and more cost effective then standard polygraph pre-employment examinations. The system can also be used for continuous screenings as part of integrity management programs to assist in keeping your company safe and secure.

These examinations can also be effectively implemented across the African continent.

For more information or if you have any queries on how the Converus EyeDetect system can streamline your security screenings, please feel free to contact us for a quote or obligation free consultation.

The future of lie detection technology has arrived.

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