Professional Polygraph Testing

How much is the future of your employees worth?

It is that time of the year again when the holly jolly of Christmas tunes and the smell of marshmallow riddled hot-chocolate collide to spark an irresistible holiday spirit. Despite the vigorous attempts of that last-minute filing clawing for your attention, its efforts are all but futile as its pleas are drowned away by the humming of ‘Tis the season . . . ‘

One thing shines and flickers brighter than even the biggest of the premature decorations filling the halls of shopping malls and the metaphorical social media chat rooms alike, and that is the constant blaring of “Holiday Specials!” and “Amazing Christmas Promotions!” doing flip flops around every corner and on any viable canvas. “Cheap Cheap,” “Special Price,” “Bulk Discount!” and all of it just for you.

As I scrolled through the barrage of Cheap-Cheap’s reminiscent of a hen house I started noticing a few advertisements that made the old cogs upstairs cringe a little. Let me explain why:

Remember that hospital that advertised the “Cheap Cheap!” heart transplant? Or the psychiatrist that offered you the “bulk discount” or “Special one-time offer!” for treating your clinical depression? No? Me neither. If you did see that special offer on brain surgery, would you settle for it?

Chances are when given the two options most people would elect to go for the more expensive option if it is even remotely possible, because when it comes to our health, well-being and future, then quality over quantity is a no brainer. You must wonder, when someone offers you a “Cheap Cheap!” on a heart transplant, what are they cutting down to make it a more affordable process, and would you be willing to take the risk?

Don’t understand me wrong, I can fully appreciate the financial burdens of ill people around the world and in some cases the desperation that they must struggle with. This is not in any way an indictment on the noble institutions attempting to make medicine and health care more affordable and accessible. This is about our willingness as ‘companies’ to risk the future of employees to save a few pennies.

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The future of your staff isn't cheap cheap.

“Get it while it’s hot! Polygraph examinations cheap cheap, special price!” How does this not sound appealing to the decision makers who are currently cutting costs to navigate a tough economic environment. How quick are we to forget that these examinations will have direct and significant effects on the future of the people that need to undergo them, not to mention the financial implications on the company when the “Special Price!” examination derails an investigation, or gets discredited in the CCMA case that is likely to follow.

I have always asserted that with a great title comes a great responsibility, not only to the company, but to every single staff member that looks to their management team to ensure that their interests and their futures are looked after. The fact is, there is no such thing as an unimportant polygraph examination. Whether it is for continuous screenings, pre-employment testing or a criminal investigation, the implications of the examination results will reverberate through the future of everyone involved, and frankly we as companies, examiners and even the examinees, have a responsibility to maximize the quality of each and every examination.

The future of your staff is not something to risk on “Cheap Cheap!” special offers. Next time you need to select a polygraph examiner, ask yourself if you would be willing to ‘cut costs’ when investing in your future.

What companies should be looking for is polygraph examiners who focus on quality rather than quantity. The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre have been active and refining its crafts through decades of dedication. Not only do we demand our examiners to be qualified and accredited, but also that they strive to continuously stay up to date with the latest research and techniques. We realize the importance of each and every examination that we conduct, which is why the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre mark of quality is a promise to always endeavour to strive for perfection.

From Johannesburg to Cape Town and across Africa, trust the brand that is trusted by all the leaders in their fields. Demand quality, demand the PISA Integrity Assessment Centre.