Voice Stress Testing

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre and all of its affiliates do not make use of nor endorse the use of any Voice Stress Analysis of any kind, and for good reason.

The vast majority of independent studies have yielded that "it is almost as accurate as flipping a coin." It is for this reason that professional polygraph associations do not associate themselves with these practices. This includes the Southern African Polygraph Federation and the American Polygraph Association.

In this scathing interview Charles Humble confirms the incredible lack of scientific evidence.

Unfortunately, despite making incredible promises and showcasing a variety of reasons of how and why Voice Stress Testing is better than polygraph examinations the pure and simple fact is that it fails in one extremely important area, and that is being a scientifically valid and reliable means of detecting deception.

The PISA Integrity Assessment Centre and it affiliates only uses scientifically valid and reliable instruments which have been tested with peer review. It is often claimed that the polygraph community rejected the use of Voice Stress Analysis systems due to professional jealousy, but the fact remains that if these instruments worked and delivered on their promises, they would have replaced polygraph examinations in the industry a long time ago.

We are not however by default against any new technologies when it comes to the detection of deception. On the contrary, with the launch of the new Converus EyeDetect system we are quite excited to bring this new instrument into the market confident with the accuracy ratings yielded by scientific research and peer review.

Know the Difference

It is not uncommon for persons to be confused between the different instrumentation used in the detection of deception, and it is a very important distinction. Not all systems are cut from the same cloth, and in order to ensure that only credible examinations are used it is important to verify the accuracy and credibility of these systems. Failing to do so can have a serious impact on businesses, employees and investigations.